The help from Grandio started out months before we even arrived, assisting in booking our transfers to and from the airport. On arrival, the guys at Grandio couldn't have made us feel more welcome, making friends with each and every one of our party of 31!

Each night they had something organised that you're invited to join in with: we went along with them to the Szecska SPArty (highly recommended!), and various other nights joint with their sister hostels. I'd have to say that my favourite, and certainly most surreal, night began with the us joining up with guests from the sister hostels and having to drink our way our of a CERTAIN ROOM, with debauchery and alcohol in every direction.

They say Grandio's a party hostel, but it's so much more: it's a party way of life. Thanks guys, for one of the best weeks of my life (and that's echoed by the 30 other voices I brought with me!)

Rob K
March 21, 2016

The only word to describe Grandio is Insane! The crew are so happy and free, and have crazy stamina, making you want to party with them 24/7! Grandio took the surprise 20 minute holiday to a new level and forced us all to fall in love with Budapest and its night life The holiday blues are too real, can not wait to go back in summer

Vicky K
March 19, 2016

Welcome to won't want to leave so don't haha Really though this place is amazing, all the staff are friendly and will tell you how to get anywhere or do anything you are interested in doing. Do the boat party, go to Sparty, everything they host is more than worth doing. Meet Pixie, Rocky, Oz, Gemma, Ren....and everyone else. Get ready to change your life...

March 17, 2016

All the staff and guests are pretty awesome. There's always something going on and it's close to food and nightlife. It's part of a chain of 5 hostels in Budapest. Bring a article of clothing that you can donate to the trees before you leave.

March 13, 2016

There is no secret anymore that Grandio is my TOP favorite hostel in the world!
This time I just went to celebrate my birthday in order to just make myself drunk and leave, but they did so much more for me! From opening firework and confetti flow to wide range of activities including everyone in the hostel for full 48 hours.
I can go on and on in details but this is bunch of people that will make everyone inside special and uniqe.
Thank you for baloons in my room (that was awesome), thnx for all and everyone for making this one the best birthday in my life. And I did have quite a few so far ;-)
Thank you Rebeka and Suze for put amazing effort, Gemma, Oz, Racks, Pixie, Ren, Tara, Rocky, Sam, Sara, S.J. for make it so awesome!
Shout out to Ballsack, you know for what, that was mindblowing ending of the perfect weekend.
Everyone else, who wasn't in Grandio so far, BOOK IT now! You wiull never feel so free and so loved ever again in your life!
Love you all, and yes, see you quite soon ... again!

March 11, 2016

If you are in Budapest and want to have a good time you have to visit Grandio Party Hostel. The staff members are beautiful, friendly, warmhearted and very amusing people that will make you enjoy your stay and will not stop until your every night is the best night ever. It will definitely make a new chapter in your life which you can fill with amazing stories. Shout-out to Ballsack, Ren and everyone at the hostel, stay fly, stay wonderful and see you next time.

March 8, 2016

This was my fourth stay at Grandio, needless to say I love this place! Simply the best hostel to stay at in Budapest. The people who work here are amazing. You can come here and alone but you would never feel lonely. There are fantastic evening parties which are held with the other sisterhostels, so there's a bunch of people always. And so many beards! Rumour tells that if you shave it off, you get fired. But scratching them is fine. Try tickling Gemma's bum, she's very ticklish.

March 7, 2016

Booked for two nights, stayed for four, barely made my flight out after the best night (Sunday Jaeger train), Grandio is fantastic! While it might not look the prettiest (babin staff aside) the heritage hostel has everything going for it, great people, loads of opportunities to meet other travellers and simply the best staff team I've every met. Serious family feels, already planning my return. Thank you Ballsack, Rocky, Gemma, Tara, Ren, Pops, Pixie and Onion - keep babin all over the place!!

March 3, 2016

Liked: I had a great stay at the grandio hostel. The hostel itself is very cool and quirky with artistic graffiti on the walls and is shaded by trees. There was always good music playing at the bar, which served cheap drinks and really nice food. The best thing about the place is the relaxed atmosphere which is created mainly by their easy going, fun and helpful staff. Nothing was ever too much trouble for them and they know how to show you a good time. I would definitely go back for another stay.

Disliked: The one thing I could be critical of about the hostel was the communal bathrooms, the weren't very clean. However this was a minor issue and did not take from my experience there.

July 16, 2015

Liked: Incredible staff, the friendliest of any hostel I've stayed at. Always keen to help out and party with you. Some great nights out, wish we could have stayed longer. Party hostel but very secure and lovely atmosphere day and night in the courtyard bar which has beers for 350 HUF and incredibly good food, we spent most of the time there.Special shout out to Stiffie for the most helpful check in ever, Rio, the coolest man on the planet for his help and in particular Gemma for making sure we had two of the best three nights on the trip, some unforgettable memories. Ask about Lizard Wrestling.

Disliked: Nothing. Unless you're not a fan of fun.

June 15, 2015